tap event[ (button for firing event) & link] for mobile site

link to some page or firing event by tapping screen is necessary function for making all kind of web sites,
you should remind one thing when you make them concerning the tap event.you should remind 3 way to recognize tap event on web.

1, OUTLINE *********
・a href=“” tag
・onCilck event
normally the link for web is described on this way.
this way to give a link also works on mobile browser but it takes 300ms before event firing. its because of double tap recognition.
on the mobile, double tap also have to be recognize, so when catch the first tap the device wait for 300ms to check there are another tap within this time. and if not take as not double tap. its just 300ms but as a physical feeling its can be little bit stress for user.
・ontouchstart event
this is most proper way for comfortable action on mobile but this event also fire when scroll , swipe and so on.
so you have to be careful when you use it.

2, SOLUTION *********

2-1 Tappable
reference URL : https://github.com/cheeaun/tappable
this library hep you just recognize tap event when surely tapped and fire event.
you can also set some options like adding stylesheet class while tapped.

2-2 FastClick
reference URL : https://github.com/ftlabs/fastclick
what you all have to do is just initialize at the begin.
it enables you to realize natural click event.
window.addEventListener(‘load’, function(){
}, false);

3,SAMPLE *********
here is a sample (check it from your mobile)
you can feel the difference with your physical feeling.

reference : HTML5ハイブリッドアプリ開発入門 アシアル株式会社